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What's the reason to live in this life?

I'm scared of life too much. What will happen after this life ends? Even in this life, what is happening? Are we just some animals who have higher consciousness and are interacting with each other? ...
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Is it bad to seek power? [closed]

I'm a 17-year-old high school student interested in human nature. I've always been a curious kid by nature, so unfortunately, I ask a lot of questions, especially when something goes against my ...
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A problem regarding an impermanent hell

Regarding the Abrahamic hells, one could say that they are absolutely terrible for it is suffering without end, an eternal suffering; but there is a puzzling different type of hell or hells, those of ...
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What can make death not a bad thing? [closed]

Other than survival, personal or otherwise, what would make death harmless? People talk about living happy and meaningful lives and not wasting the time they have, but is that all that can be said ...
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Should we feel shame for living a meaningless life?

Should we feel shame for living a meaningless life? What if it's due not only to factors beyond our control but something like virtue? I only ask because I'm worried I will never escape the cycle of ...
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I am struggling to believe there is anything good in humanity: can you help?

I feel neither like a sinner nor sinned against, but I am struggling to see any good in anyone or myself. I am reminded for the 100,000th time of "mankind is a bridge", and that's what we ...
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How does the Buddhist pursue meaning?

So I don't think positions like existentialism exist in Buddhist philosophy. I say this because the whole framing of causality is fundamentally different in Nagarjuna's treatise of dependent ...
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Is "Why do we live?" a philosophical question?

After posting a question akin to "Why do we live?" in the r/AskPhilosophy subreddit its moderators got it removed, providing as motivation "All questions must be about philosophy". ...
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Which philosophical ethics frameworks are compatible/incompatible with a literal, eternal Hell?

In Judeo-Christian religions it is usually taught that those who commit sin i.e. evil will suffer some sort of eternal damnation like burning for eternity in hell. My concern is to understand the ...
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A newbie's highly thought-upon plan for starting philosophy [closed]

How's it going guys, I hope you're all having a great time! Greetings, to all the great minds here! I would really appreciate your help with my entrance to the infinite world of philosophy. First, I ...
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Is the pleasure of drugs better than long term achievements? [closed]

If there are currently drugs which release more dopamine and other chemicals in the brain on a level which cannot be replicated naturally, why aren't more people taking them, considering you cannot ...
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Should I trust my own thoughts when studying philosophy?

I sometimes find myself disagreeing with Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy or other seasoned philosophers. However, I am scared to trust my own thoughts lest my ideas are erroneous. I do not know ...
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An Eternal Reward for Our Actions - Are There Strong Incentives to do Anything

I'm wondering: Humans are mortal. Death seems to nullify any gains made by the self to the self. Humans are subject to natural impulses towards actions (for example, we are compelled by natural ...
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What does it mean to truly fail at life?

What does it mean to truly fail at life? I only ask because I suspect I have. It is not that I am immoral or even inauthentic, but it seems that all I can do is encourage attitudes and behaviours, in ...
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How does one discover their personal meaning?

The question stems from this question. I attempted an answer, but the question I mentioned here was the obstruction from finishing. In the conventional sense, as also put by the question, meaning is, ...
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