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What is the difference, after death, of a 90-year-old and a one-year-old?

If there is a person who died at the age of 90 and a baby who died at one year old, what is the difference between them afterwards? They are both in a state of nothingness, they cannot remember or ...
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I want to start reading more into philosophy, what should i start out with

I have some stoic books by Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius and some Kant and the myth of Sisyphus, but I don't know where to go now.
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Is Death a Feature or a Bug? [closed]

Ancient records show that humans have been preoccupied by Thanatos (death) - strong evidence of this is found in how religious we were/are (the majority subscribe to a few religions with promise of an ...
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Belief, in 'divine madness'

Theia mania (Ancient Greek: θεία μανία) is a term used by Plato in his dialogue Phaedrus to describe a condition of divine madness (unusual behavior attributed to the intervention of a God). Do ...
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An Eternal Reward for Our Actions - Are There Strong Incentives to do Anything

I'm wondering: Humans are mortal. Death seems to nullify any gains made by the self to the self. Humans are subject to natural impulses towards actions (for example, we are compelled by natural ...
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Ideas of a truth that sustains?

Question Given the modern day age of misinformation, surely someone has pondered and tested their ideas of a truth that sustains (a truth that sustains refers to the ideas that sustain the confidence ...
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Need help with this paper on epistemic justice

What form must a theory of epistemic injustice take in order to successfully illuminate the epistemic dimensions of struggles that are primarily political? How can such struggles be understood as ...
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Is there a term that indicates disbelief in human "soul" or "spirit"?

Most Atheists, I think, would deny the existence of a human "soul" in the Cartesian sense. However, the defining characteristic of Atheism is disbelief in God or gods. As per Wikipedia: ...
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What was Nietzsche all implying-and-not-implying by what would make him "holy"?

In the first section of "Why I Am A Fatality", in Ecce Homo (sometimes translated as "Why I Am A Destiny",) Nietzsche expresses a fear, if not also in the subtext a demand, of ...
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Exploring philosophy behind "Catch-22" novel: individual in war

I am looking for the name and possibly deeper development of the system of ethics / morality exemplified by the attitude of Yossarian, the main protagonist of Catch-22 novel by Joseph Heller. ...
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Which philosophers believe freedom (liberty) is more important than one's own life and how did they argue this?

In history, are there any philosophers who believe that freedom (liberty) is in general more important than one's own life and wrote books/articles to argue this? What are their arguments/reasoning in ...
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How does one discover their personal meaning?

The question stems from this question. I attempted an answer, but the question I mentioned here was the obstruction from finishing. In the conventional sense, as also put by the question, meaning is, ...
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Dialectics and postmodernism as competing attacks on liberalism

I recently posted an inquiry over the attitude of Hegelian and Marxist dialectics toward Enlightenment liberalism. A comment mentioned postmodernism as an example of a tradition more plainly ...
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What should a person do?

Edit 1: As pointed out in the comments, the question implies the existence of a purpose and agency so I would like to re-phrase the question to match what I'm after: What should a person do? (What is ...
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How would Nietzsche argue against classical theism?

Completely out of curiosity, how would someone like Nietzsche, let's use him as an example, argue against Aquinas's metaphysical argument for classical theism. I can't seem to find any references in ...
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