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Why is it okay to eat meat but not to be cruel to animals?

Why is eating meat allowed in a social setting ( Most people think it's not bad ) but not animal cruelty in a social setting ( Most people think it's bad )? Like: Imagine what would happen if someone ...
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What are some philosophical works that explore constructing meaning in life from an agnostic or atheist view?

I've been deeply suicidal for years, but it's gotten worse recently. I grew up Mormon, and last year I realized I couldn't believe in it anymore. I just couldn't; it would take too long to explain. I ...
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Why do we prohibit consensual incestuous relationships?

When talking about sexual relationships between brothers and sisters, our initial intuition might be, “Well that’s just wrong. There’s something immoral about that”. Now, to examine the logic, I ...
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What are some arguments against insulting being illegal

Yesterday I had a conversation with my friend, and the topic about insulting being illegal (=> fined or even up to 1 year prison) came up (Germany). He was arguing that it is good to punish those ...
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Is artificially generating images of minors in sexual positions unethical? [closed]

I am a machine learner, specialising in GANs and when a friend recently told me that he thinks a litle bit differently about the situation, this got me thinking (and not only about getting new friends)...
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How do ethicists tackle the question "Is it immoral to have sex in public places?" Is it possible to use rational and empirical ideas to answer?

Is it immoral to have sex in public places? If so, what are the rational and empirical reasons? Most people believe it’s immoral to have sex in public places. Have ethicists come up with any good ...
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Is the tyrannicide perpetrated by William Tell morally legitimate?

I have recently been reading Friedrich Schiller's fantastic Drama William Tell, in which he not only relates the folkloric-mythological origin of Switzerland upon its liberation from the yoke of the ...
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What are the arguments for pornography?

It is believed that pornography "violates" the humanity of those involved; that sexually explicit materials reduce people to objects or bodies used primarily for the sexual gratification of ...
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Exploring philosophy behind "Catch-22" novel: individual in war

I am looking for the name and possibly deeper development of the system of ethics / morality exemplified by the attitude of Yossarian, the main protagonist of Catch-22 novel by Joseph Heller. ...
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Reconciling an aversion to bestiality with being a carnivore

I have often heard the reason given for bestiality being wrong is that animals are incapable of giving consent. However, I'm a meat eater - I regularly eat animals that have been raised, slaughtered ...
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