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Does philosophy have a dark side?

Can the "love of wisdom" be turned into something bad? Were there evil philosophers in the past? I was recently reading a book about the dark side of psychology, how people use psychological tricks ...
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What are some good resources for learning Indian philosophy?

I am a science student. During my free time, I study philosophy and occasionally do courses in philosophy in my university. I've noticed that in academia, "Philosophy" means "Western Philosophy". ...
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Resources for self-teaching philosophy

I'm a mathematician who has taken an interest in philosophy in the past few years. I want to start with the 17th-century rationalists (mainly Descartes, Spinoza, and Leibniz) and move forward in time ...
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Philosophers on alternatives to capitalism and communism

Philosopher Karl Marx envisioned an economic system called communism to fight the abuses suffered by working class people during the industrial era. The exploitation of man by man and the excessive ...
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What are some philosophical works that explore constructing meaning in life from an agnostic or atheist view?

I've been deeply suicidal for years, but it's gotten worse recently. I grew up Mormon, and last year I realized I couldn't believe in it anymore. I just couldn't; it would take too long to explain. I ...
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History before philosophy

I am interested in becoming fluent in general philosophy. I recognize that it is a massive area of study. I bought a book called Introduction to Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell, but I find I'm ...
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Wisdom and John Vervaeke's awakening from the meaning crises?

I've been watching John Vervaeke's awakening from the meaning crises ( I haven't seen the whole lecture series). And while I am finding it intriguing I think to myself is this really wisdom? I mean in ...
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Is the tyrannicide perpetrated by William Tell morally legitimate?

I have recently been reading Friedrich Schiller's fantastic Drama William Tell, in which he not only relates the folkloric-mythological origin of Switzerland upon its liberation from the yoke of the ...
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According to the major theories of concepts, where do meanings come from?

In all our intellectual pursuits, we use concepts like "atoms" for a structure or "ingredients" for a recipe. We all have to use them. For example, consider the concepts 'existence'...
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How is Society shaped?

I'm interested in what shapes society? Yes, individuals shape society and society shapes the individual, but I want more detailed analysis. My humble take is: Culture is the most important thing that ...
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Most important modern/contemporary essays on free will

I enjoy philosophising about free will and formulating arguments as to why it cannot exist. I would like to write about my arguments so that they are relevant in today's literature, and so, I want to ...
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Why is post-modernism so often equated to Relativism, are there any responses in postmodern philosophy that challenges this?

I am refering to critiques of postmodernism that are presented here:
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Introductory lectures to Wittgenstein's ideas

can anyone recommend me a course on YouTube that explains the ideas of Ludwig Wittgenstein in an introductory manner. Thank you
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Relation of dialectics, as of Hegel and Marx, toward Enlightenment liberalism

I wish to understand how Hegelian dialectics, further carried, through Marxism, from an idealist to materialist orientation, positions itself with respect to the Enlightenment and liberalism. It is ...
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Did any doctrine follow Zen Buddhism?

My understanding of Zen Buddhism and it's place in Buddhist history is that it represents a philosophical and experiential end-point, a sort of conclusion to Buddhist thought. I'm wondering if this ...
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