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The ending of a pregnancy by killing or removing a zygote, embryo, or fetus

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Abortion Rights vs. Disability Rights

There seems to be a very obvious inconsistency in supporting abortion rights, then at the same time opposing selective abortion when a disability is detected with prenatal screening (e.g. of Down ...
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Is there any professional treatment of Chappelle's remarks on abortion and abandonment?

In his Sticks & Stones Netflix special, Dave Chappelle has an interest argument regarding abortion and child abandonment. You can find a link to he bit and a transcription below. Chappelle argues ...
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What does utilitarianism say on the topic of abortion and timescales?

So, a bit of a forewarning here: this is going to delve into a controversial topic. I hope we can keep this civil, but this is the internet so who knows. Ideally, this also won't take a political tack,...
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What is the moral difference between abortion and infanticide?

Many people accept abortion on the grounds that foetuses aren't persons, and that personhood is what defines the right to life. I've always been intrigued about what defines personhood; obviously ...
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How do we determine the line of life that is acceptable and not acceptable to kill?

My question might be worded funny, but I don't know where to start. I'm looking for help. I understand each of the following situations should be approached individually, but I am more concerned about ...
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Why is murder wrong?

Let's start with the idea that for something to be wrong it has to harm a conscious being, in this case a human. This could involve active harm (punching them), or harm which they remain ignorant of. ...
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Is this argument about abortion being both right and wrong valid or invalid?

Abortion is either right or wrong. If it is right, then people should be allowed to kill fetuses. Killing fetuses is wrong. Hence, abortion is not right. If it is wrong, then women won’t have the ...
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What is Don Marquis argument that a being does not have to be a person to have a right to life; even potential persons have a right to life?

The original Don Marquis paper "Why Abortion is Immoral". Many moral theories agree that the bearers of rights should be “persons”, not merely biological humans. What are the counter-arguments for it?...
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How can the pro-death outlook's deprivation of choice, help sway pro-lifers'?

Source: Benatar, David. Better Never to Have Been (2008 1 edn). p. 162 Middle.   The pro-death view should be of interest even to those who do not accept it. One of its valuable features is that ...
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Warren's distinction between moral humanity and genetic humanity

Explain Warren's distinction between moral humanity and genetic humanity. What, according to Warren, are the 5 criteria for being considered of being a moral person. And why does she maintain that the ...
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When should a state have a right to prohibit abortion?

I am asking about the the relation of law to morality. Specifically my question centres of the intersection of law and morality on the question of abortion. My personal position on the subject of ...
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Is the right to an abortion the same as the right to kill human being? [closed]

If a fetus could be safely and simply removed from a woman and put in an artificial womb where it could grow normally, would a woman have a right to kill it instead?
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Does arguing against rules because they can potentially be broken make any sense? [closed]

Are these two arguments sound? Criminals do not follow laws so Gun Control is pointless. Women will still undergo abortions even if laws restricting abortion are put into place, so laws restricting ...
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Is arguing pro choice because "a woman has the right to control her body" invalid?

Is arguing pro choice because "a woman has the right to control her body" (very obviously) invalid? Says so here, that the argument already assumes that the conclusion of the whole debate, namely ...
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The relationship of women's right to abortion and men's duty of child support

There is a quote from Karen DeCrow, which you can find below. The courts have properly determined that a man should neither be able to force a woman to have an abortion nor to prevent her from ...
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J. J. Thomson: A Defense of Abortion - When is it permissible to kill?

WORK SOURCE:,Fall02/thomson.htm (This is a homework assignment) According to Thomson, if another person is about to cause your death, then: A. It ...
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What are the counterarguments against abortions in rape cases to the Thomson paper?

Came here from Christianity StackExchange "A Defense of Abortion" (Thomson): You wake up in the morning and find yourself back to back in bed with an unconscious violinist. A famous unconscious ...
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Is abortion anything to do with choice? [closed]

Can the pro/anti-abortion debate ever be about choice? Is it, in fact, 100% about life? What I'm positing is: if a foetus counts as life, then the same rules apply as with any other life. If a foetus ...
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What arguments would support a secular pro-life position?

I've been thinking about the pro-life position (by "pro-life" I mean the position that abortion should be illegal. I.e. on par with murder) for awhile, and it is normally presented as a religious ...
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