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Categorizing with metaphor, analogy, generalization, and abstraction

Are two concepts metaphor/analogy equivalent to generalization/abstraction. If yes how? Give me some examples
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How do modern platonists explain the objective, specific connections between the physical and abstract?

There seems to be an entirely objective, human-independent way in which specific physical objects relate/correspond to specific abstract objects. Example, we don't think the abstract inverse cube law ...
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Do regresses-of-reasons go from particulars to generalities only, or can they mediate chains of just particulars or just generalities too?

I was thinking of Kant's discourse on the form of the law and the law of formality as reciprocal (in the Critique of Practical Reason), where he seems to talk about a regress from specific maxims to ...
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Is there a philosophical take on how to come up with metadimensions that characterize complex systems?

In short: I am looking for a philosophical take/theory/way of finding abstract-level metadimensions of complex systems (or any "real" system in general at this stage, if that helps). Details:...
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Is there a difference between an abstraction and a property?

What I mean by an abstraction is a single thought that abstracts or stands for many objects, like "something blue". This stands for anything that is colored blue. What I mean by a property ...
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Philosophers on the process of abstraction?

I see that there is an emphasis on studying the abstract using philosophy, but not much about abstraction. For example, I am interested in the discussion of the following two questions: How would one ...
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Is the ideal agent the ideal observer?

Is the ideal agent the ideal observer? Without googling it, I mean the former is the best moral agent, and the latter some meta-ethical (can't recall what meta-ethics) abstraction that judges everyone'...
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How do humans generalize abstract concepts from concrete objects?

To elaborate, I would like to take the definition of square as example, the square is shape with four equal sides and either two sides form a 90 degrees angle, while we can not directly see it. What ...
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