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Have any abstractionists discussed the possibility of multiple abstraction principles?

An abstractionist is someone who claims that some version of Frege's abstraction principle accounts for or justifies talk of abstract objects. The abstraction principle says that an equation of the ...
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conceptualizing metaphor and analogy with abstraction

Are two concepts metaphor/analogy equivalent to generalization/abstraction. If yes how? Give me some examples
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How do modern platonists explain the objective, specific connections between the physical and abstract?

There seems to be an entirely objective, human-independent way in which specific physical objects relate/correspond to specific abstract objects. Example, we don't think the abstract inverse cube law ...
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Do regresses-of-reasons go from particulars to generalities only, or can they mediate chains of just particulars or just generalities too?

I was thinking of Kant's discourse on the form of the law and the law of formality as reciprocal (in the Critique of Practical Reason), where he seems to talk about a regress from specific maxims to ...
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Is there a philosophical take on how to come up with metadimensions that characterize complex systems?

In short: I am looking for a philosophical take/theory/way of finding abstract-level metadimensions of complex systems (or any "real" system in general at this stage, if that helps). Details:...
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Is there a difference between an abstraction and a property?

What I mean by an abstraction is a single thought that abstracts or stands for many objects, like "something blue". This stands for anything that is colored blue. What I mean by a property ...
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Philosophers on the process of abstraction?

I see that there is an emphasis on studying the abstract using philosophy, but not much about abstraction. For example, I am interested in the discussion of the following two questions: How would one ...
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Is the ideal agent the ideal observer?

Is the ideal agent the ideal observer? Without googling it, I mean the former is the best moral agent, and the latter some meta-ethical (can't recall what meta-ethics) abstraction that judges everyone'...
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How do humans generalize abstract concepts from concrete objects?

To elaborate, I would like to take the definition of square as example, the square is shape with four equal sides and either two sides form a 90 degrees angle, while we can not directly see it. What ...
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47 votes
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Do numbers exist independently from observers?

Do numbers have an objective existence? If life had not evolved on planet earth would there be numbers or are numbers an invention of human minds? Are there any relevant works that discuss this? (I ...
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