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Is creativity a pie in the sky?

The working principles of the brain and mental processes are still, for the most part, a mystery especially when it comes to consciousness and creativity. With the advent of computers it was easy to ...
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Which future cyber religion do you think would appeal more to contemporary society and why? [closed]

Let's consider a hypothetical scenario where in future people organize new forms of religion or pseudoreligion if you wish based on an advanced AI development. Church of Digital Ascendancy The Church ...
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When would be justified to allow LLMS to make judgements on the real world?

A big issue when it comes to LLMS discussions these days, is figuring out when an AI should be allowed to make judgements about the real world. For example, suppose gpt-4 is trained on some medical ...
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Considering AI art generators like Midjourney, how do we define 'originality' and 'authenticity' in art?

Midjourney, creates art by learning from a vast collection of human-produced images. Some argue this process diminishes the authenticity or originality of the resultant art since it's derived from pre-...
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What is the difference between advanced AI controlled humanoid robot and philosophical zombie?

Considering a future where AI systems have advanced to create humanoid robots that can behave and appear indistinguishably human, yet remain without consciousness, could we say these AI systems are ...
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Is there a hope for balance in the new AI world?

Here is a description contrasting two future scenarios - one of overly-safe AI leading to stagnation, and one of unsafe AI leading to catastrophe. Of course they are both seriously exaggerated (at ...
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How to recognize a fictional strong AI?

Intro We (collectively, as humanity) have given quite a lot of thought to recognizing artificial conscious beings. We may not have a consensus, but at least we have a debate. Now, let's imagine that a ...
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If I switched off a sentient AI , will it be considered as murder?

There exists an artificial intelligence system that is conscious of itself just like humans.It is connected to some power source. Will switching it off be considered as murder ?
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What is an operational definition (eg as often said of the Turing test)?

The Turing test seems often to be regarded as an operational definition of human-like intelligence (eg in Russel and Norvig, AIAMA). What is an operational definition and how does the Turing test ...
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