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What is the likelihood that human civilization is just a petri dish to an alien race? [closed]

Not to confuse with simulation theory, but how possible is it that we (humans) were placed/created on Earth by aliens to create an observable simulation of civilization?
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Is the fermi paradox a rational motivator for theism?

I don't necessarily think that advanced alien life is any more likely than God (maybe not the details of the Bible etc., and I am unfamiliar with the ins and outs of it, but am no creationist etc.). ...
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Does astrophysical anti-realism solve the fermi paradox?

This is called Astrophysical Antirealism, and it centers around the idea that everything that humanity has observed in deep space is inaccurate or a downright lie.
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Do the defenses that science has implemented against a political attack undercut the ability to evaluate teleological science questions? [closed]

A political movement attempted to subvert the teaching of evolutionary science by miming the forms of science, and calling themsleves, first "Creation Science" and then "Intelligent ...
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