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Does anyone distinguish linguistic univocity/analogy from metaphysical univocity/analogy?

Classical Theists (and other Realists) inherit Plato's Theory of Forms, and posit the existence of Forms such as Goodness, Truth, Beauty, Justice, and so on. Non-Christian Realists might say these ...
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is there a theory of social 'vaccination' against destructive ideologies?

One can notice certain similarities between domains of biology, in which live organisms cope with viruses sociology, where societies cope with destructive ideologies Drawing an analogy, we can ...
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What is Aristotle's view of plant generation?

In Book 1 of On the Generation of Animals, Aristotle gives his view of plant generation. In Book 1.1, Aristotle writes: But all those creatures which do not move, as the testacea and animals that ...
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Does this argument support the simulation hypothesis? Does this argument support the simulation hypothesis? Induction and argument by analogy is ...
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The role of fiction and analogy in Kant’s epistemology

It seems undeniable that we can create new fictions by analogy and combination, which are merely inspired by what we take the basic structure of reality. For example, we do not (directly) experience a ...
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Weaknesses? 'teaching evolution to a class with believers in biblical inerrancy' vs. 'flunking a student as he's a fundamentalist Christian'

Source: Richard A. Posner, How Judges Think (2008), p. 227 Bottom Footnote 35.   35. Brief for Amicus Curiae the American Association of University Professors, 2005 U.S. S. Ct. briefs LEXIS 641, ...
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