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Paradox of analysis - what's wrong with this solution?

Reading about the paradox of analysis here: Instead of the brother=male sibling example given in the article, suppose we use "triangle" instead. So ...
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Statements about emotions

I have a quote from Ayer's "Language, truth and logic": If now I generalize my previous statement and say, ‘Stealing money is wrong,’ I produce a sentence which has no factual meaning – ...
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Wouldn’t analysis still be useful with a naturalized notion of contradiction?

I wonder why analysis receives so much attention when it’s very narrow with how we experience the world. That is its focus on logical and mathematical proofs. One reason for this focus must be its ...
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Analytically, what is the difference between the essay questions: "What does it mean to argue that X?", and "Is it the case that X?"

I'm trying to work out the best way to approach this (3rd year undergraduate) essay titled in the form "What does it mean to argue that X?", and I'm having difficulty expressing a case for ...
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