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Questions tagged [anti-realism]

Anti-realism is an epistemological view first articulated in analytic philosophy by Michael Dummett. The truth of a statement rests on its being demonstrated and not on the assumed existence of an external reality associated with the statement.

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Can Balaguer’s argument we don’t, and couldn’t, have any good argument for Platonism or ficitonalism in math extend to realism/antirealism in general?

Mark Balaguer is a philosopher who advances the position there is one form of mathematical Platonism, that every consistent mathematical object exists, and one form of anti Platonism, ficitonalism. ...
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A Paradox for Anti-Realism?

Semantic Anti-Realists hold that a claim has a (constructive) proof if the claim is true. I wonder whether this position runs into a version of Yablo's supposedly non-circular version of the liar ...
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Are the Argument From Perspectival Variation and the Argument From Perceptual Relativity one and the same?

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy explains Perspectival Variation as follows: Perspectival variation is the kind of variation in one's sensory experiences that normally attends changes in ...
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partial fictionalism about propositions

One theory of propositions is that they're "useful fictions." However, this faces the formidable objection that fictionalism makes it hard to explain how something fictional can tell us about the ...
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Is Nietzsche an anti-realist about moral disagreement?

This question got me thinking: What is the difference between the Superman and the Ultimateman? As I understand it, moral anti-realism is the thesis that there are no moral facts outside the ...
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What should I read to deepen my understanding about 'relativism and anti-realism'?

After some discussion, I noticed the philosophical questions I want to explore are mainly ideas that take a relativist and anti-realist point of view. (whether when it comes to morals, or concepts ...
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Relational spacetime and simultaneity?

I once asked a similar question but didn't really get the answer or discussion that I was looking for and decided to start clean. Recall that in Galilean (classical) spacetimes its assumed that space-...
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