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What is meditation?

As philosophers, can we provide a compelling definition of “meditation” (as in, the mental practice, originating from certain Asian cultures and traditions). I have personally begun to speculate about ...
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Is self-awareness necessary to consciousness?

In the act of thought, we often distinguish between the thinking itself and the awareness that 'I am thinking,' representing the thinker. But because the “thinker” is themself a manifestation of ...
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Riddle of J Krishnamurti

What was the philosophy(if we can use that word) of J Krishnamurti. He sounds very abstract nor did he gave any examples just string of complex words with implicit meaning. Can you explain me his ...
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Have awareness and consciousness been conflated in philosophical debate on consciousness? [duplicate]

These seem to be used interchangeably on both sides of the consciousness debate, for example Dennett and Nagel. Leaving consciousness aside, it seems to me that awareness is different. A living thing ...
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Does a large language model show signs of an emergent awareness of semantics?

It is well established that computers have semantics of some sort. After posting the question Is non-deterministic automated reasoning a viable strategy for solving problems in mathematical logic? (...
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Exploring philosophy behind "Catch-22" novel: individual in war

I am looking for the name and possibly deeper development of the system of ethics / morality exemplified by the attitude of Yossarian, the main protagonist of Catch-22 novel by Joseph Heller. ...
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Could the principles behind Ohm's apply to more than electricity mindlessly taking the shortest path? [closed]

Nobody seems to think of electricity as a being conscious because it doesn't think, it doesn't have free will nor intelligence, it just follows Ohm's law and can't do anything else. That doesn't make ...
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Can an animal have qualia without self awareness?

Can an animal have qualia without self awareness? I understand that many animals are said to have qualia but not self awareness (perhaps not the great apes). In particular, I'm having a hard time ...
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If we had a hive mind, could we discover it?

Question prompted by @jobermark answer to my question: Are there many minds or is there only one? The idea that 'greater-that-the-sum-of-its-parts' minds (functional decision capable entities) exist ...
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If two brains A and B were 100% identical, why would A's self-awareness emerge in A instead of emerging in B and viceversa?

What I'm asking is basically how is the "self-awareness allocation problem" solved. I know this problem can be confusing, so let me try to explain it by means of examples: Example 1: Let’s imagine ...
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Can they have self-awareness? and think about the death?

If a person was born and live without see/communicate with other people (his mother also), can He have self-awareness? and think about the death?
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What are the implications of eternal life

The premise What would be the consequences of transferring the consciousness of a middle-aged person to a mechanical object or device (such as a robot), as opposed to another biological body? ...
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If there is granted the fact of a 'state of awareness', must it be considered a condition of a 'subject'?

There are certain facts that are the beginning place for psychological study. Impressions are typically the most frequently considered facts. But there is also the fact that there is an awareness of ...
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Is there an actually existent distinction between the presence of object to mind and the awareness of the presence of object to mind?

Often times the word 'awareness' is said to mean simply the having of an impression, or the state of knowing which terminates in the object known itself. So for example, the presence of the impression ...
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Moral Implications of Consensual Sex of Dementia Sufferers

I'd like to ask a question that has to do with consent. Do you believe that those suffering from dementia are able to fully give consent to sex? Would it be unethical if one were having sex with a ...
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Consciousness without thoughts or feelings?

I have noticed that I can sit in a room around people and be consciously aware ... but have no thoughts at all. People often say that your "mind is always thinking", but I can literally stare at a ...
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Who is inside and outside the bubble? [closed]

Are some people 'inside the bubble' ie. non thinking and sheep like and other people 'outside the bubble' with self awareness and well developed consciousness? If so is there a way of defining the ...
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Looking for mathematical models of awareness, consciousness, and unconsciousness e.g. Matte Blanco

Question: Do you know of any resources for mathematical models of awareness, consciousness, and unconsciousness? I am doing some work relating pure mathematics (among other things) to ideas of the ...
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Why do all consciousnesses seem to be in the present?

We exist across time, but have this special place in time called the present. In my naive thinking about the present, it doesn't seem to have any special significance except that all consciousnesses (...
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