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Is physical attractiveness subjective? [closed]

At one level, it seems obviously the case that this is true. Yet clearly, there are people who exist that most would call attractive and others who most would call not. So, how is the question of ...
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What in mathematics has the property of beauty?

I might or might not be at an impasse in my writing... I have around 200 pages of notes, and I finally sat down and tried to compile some of the material, but I feel like the presentation is off ...
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Is beauty a basic human need?

Did any philosopher argue that beauty is a basic human need? By "beauty" (pulchritudo) I mean, as St. Thomas Aquinas defines it ([II-II q. 145 a. 2][4] co.), that which results from the ...
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Defending the Unpopular: Aesthetic Realism

Aesthetic realism is the belief that there are things that are objectively more beautiful than other things. This implies beauty is not subjective, and if one believes an actually beautiful thing is ...
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What type of relationship is "partakes of"?

We call a rose beautiful because it partakes of beauty, according to Plato's Theory of Forms (or my understanding thereof). Furthermore, we can take any attribute and turn it into a class with -ness ...
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Measuring a Person's Aesthetic Sense

Can we measure or evaluate the aesthetic sense of a person? Like, can we statistically say that Person A has a superior aesthetic sense to Person B? Since beauty is relative, can we truly 'grade' ...
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Had Kant ever said anything about "Beauty is not on the rosy cheeks of a maiden"?

My "Introduction to Aesthetics" textbook (a cheap-looking book made by people of questionable credentials) claims that Immanuel Kant had said something to the effect of "Beauty doesn't lie on the rosy ...
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Who has claimed that beauty is order?

Has anyone claimed that beauty is order, or anything close to that? Seems like quite a classical idea, but I don't know of any philosophers who say this.
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Does modern philosophy entertain the notion of objective beauty?

Does modern philosophy entertain the notion of objective beauty? Are there any sources which discuss such a possibility and do they offer a possible definition of such a concept?
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Philosophy of beauty / Science

I have been thinking about the idea of science and its rightful activity conveying beauty. I got this idea from a quote from Richard P. Feynman which I attach it in the end of my question for ...
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Is beauty about materialism or idealism [closed]

I have a question about the proverb: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". In this proverb, is beauty a materialist concept or an idealist concept, and why? In my opinion, the concept of beauty ...
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For Kant, how is pleasure in beauty disinterested?

Kant states that pleasure in beauty is not based on desire and does not produce any. But don't we usually have a desire to have things that are beautiful in our lives? Such as "this car is beautiful! ...
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Why do humans desire and admire beauty?

What is it that causes the human person to recognize beauty? I think its safe to say that everyone, to some extent, has experience some sort of perception of transcendent beauty. This recognition ...
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Has there been any philosophical investigation into the role of aesthetics in mathematics?

There are many mathematicians who talk about the particular beauty of a subject. They may say a particular result is pretty. It may be beautiful. It seems to me play a fundamental role in the ...
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