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Understanding 'existence' and 'being' in debates about ordinary objects

Quine has brought forward his definition of existence: 'To be is to be the value of a bound variable.' But has also taught us that the sciences ultimately determine what actually exists contrary to ...
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Are Sartre's In-itself and For-itself pure concepts?

I take the In-itself and For-itself (in reading Being and Nothingness) to be entirely distinct concepts, much like a priori and a posteriori concepts. However, with the later, I'm given to understand ...
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What is 'Being'?

So far, being is what beings do, maybe. What is it? E.g. as the Bishop of Berkeley might align with, (Being & Time, page 61) Being, as the basic theme of philosophy, is no class or genus of ...
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Modal logic for absoluteness

Modern modal logic has the modalities of necessity and possibility. However, both of these can be seen as relative to the set of possible worlds and the accessibility relation chosen for the semantics....
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Do qualia have Being?

Do qualia have Being? I'm unsure what 'Being' means, but take it that it has something to do with red always being red, self sameness or identity. If qualia do have Being, is that itself like ...
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Does ontology study "being qua being"?

May I say that ontology studies "being qua being", while the sciences study "entity qua entity" ? I ask this because I don't understand how ontology could study the "entity qua entity", taking into ...
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