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Henri-Louis Bergson (1859-1941) was a French-Jewish philosopher. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1927.

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How does Bergson’s conception of time differ from Heideggers’s?

I know that both did conceive of temporal time and brough it closer to our finite expirince, thus turning away from classical metaphysics of time. But what is the difference between them?
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Should Bergson be described as an individualist?

It's claimed that Bergson's "intuition of pure duration" is the "highest and most valuable form of human experience": is this an individualist or collectivist good? I'm asking because I'm interested ...
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What is a good joke, for Bergson?

What is a good joke, especially for philosophers who agree with Bergson? I understand he felt there were three rules of humour, but I wondered what made something a good joke, rather than just funny. ...
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1 answer

What scientific evidence is there that our actions are pre-conscious?

I recall reading some article or other some time ago that it had been demonstrated that our actions are apparent before we are entirely conscious of them; and here we are not talking about fractions ...
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Does Bergson mean we can't imagine our death, in The Idea of Nothing?

In fact, the object suppressed is either external or internal: it is a thing or it is a state of consciousness. Let us consider the first case... now, what is, and what is perceived, is the ...
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Is there a cite for this attribution by Deleuze to Marx

Deleuze in his book Bergsonism compares a passage of Bergson to Marx saying “Humanity only sets itself problems that it is capable of solving.” But Deleuze gives no cite to Marx. I can see the drift ...
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1 answer

What does Heidegger mean by saying that Bergson's concept of time is essentially spatial?

In Being and Time, Heidegger writes: This task as a whole requires that the concept of time thus gained be distinguished from the common understanding of it. The latter has become explicit in an ...
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1 answer

Does Bergson view symbols negatively or only as a secondary source of knowledge?

In the Introduction to Metaphysics, metaphysics is defined as "that science which claims to dispense with symbols." Bergson contends that the human mind operates discursively, or by taking snapshots ...
5 votes
3 answers

What is time for Bergson? And how is it different from duration?

I stumbled across references to Bergson while reading Photography, Cinema, Memory: The Crystal Image of Time. I started reading "Bergson's Conception of Duration" in The Philosophical Review to ...
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2 answers

Is this a real quote by Bergson

I read in a text that when Henri Bergson was confronted about his arguments against abstract rationalism by pointing out that "he used reason to argue against rationalism" he replied "Hence, the final ...
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1 answer

Was Bergson a physicalist?

In Radical Philosophy 92, Sean Watson in his article The New Bergsonianism writes: The first proposition central to any Bergsonist philosophy is simply that (in contrast to the traditional ...