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Questions related to the German philosopher Ernst Cassirer (1874 - 1945), who was an advocate of philosophical idealism.

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Cassirer and the Categorical Imperative

I've been reading some of the shorter works of the neo-Kantian and proto-semiologist Ernst Cassirer. While I find him a valuable bridge across the "continental divide," I'm not sure yet that ...
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Why did Levinas feel he was "present at the creation and end of the world"?

Martin Heidegger faced Ernst Cassirer in a famous disputation at Davos, Switzerland in the spring of 1929, which had such a dramatic effect on continental philosophy that the young Emmanuel Levinas, ...
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Does Kant have a Fourth Critique?

Those familiar with the architectonic nature of Immanuel Kant's philosophy argue about the difference between the three critiques (Critique of Pure Reason; Critique of Practical Reason; and the ...
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