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Is rarity an illusion?

What makes an event rare? Waking up tomorrow in the morning seems to be a common event. Having a genetic disease that only occurs in 0.003% of the population may be considered rare. Yet the first ...
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Which philosophers and philosophies discuss "worldview epistemologies"?

A lot of theologians and religious thinkers advance the idea that in order for any position to have meaning in epistemology or ethics or metaphysics it is necessary to interpret reality through some ...
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What is the difference between world and universe?

I encounter the terms "world" and "universe" in various types of philosophy. I haven't paid close attention, but it seems "world" is used more phenomenologically and ...
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Does there exist a class of "fundamental concepts"? How could they be recognized?

Does there exist a class of "fundamental concepts"? That is concepts, such as "parameter", "part", "range", "form" etc. that at least for me seem like "something that is hard to take away without ...
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Universal Analytic Framework [closed]

I've been working on a philosophical framework called Universal Analytic Framework. This is actually a personal philosophical project. I am in the process of designing a framework that has fluidity, ...
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Philosophy of concepts - can it be (gradually) expressed in type theory?

Reasoning in mathematics is simple and subject to automation and discipline/system, because every concept (e.g. integer number, real number, derivative, integral, differential equation and its ...
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Do morphisms and their compositions capture the essence of "having a structure"?

As you may have guessed from the title I'm talking about category theory (CT). It's a fascinating subject to me. It can beautifully describe the essence of what it means to "have a structure" and it'...
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Names for most popular taxonomies of informal fallacies?

Informal fallacies are not formal, so as might be expected, there exists no prevailing standard taxonomy. Various books on logic and logical fallacies organize fallacies differently (see chapter ...
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How does philosophy categorize practical advice on how to live?

I am reading a book on productivity. "Getting Results the Agile Way" (J.D. Meier) is the specific book, but substitute your favorite "pop psychology" book on anything from productivity to parenting ...
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Must Kant's a priori concepts of Space and Time be known to us before the 12 pure Categories of the Understanding?

As I continue my deep read of Kant's first critique, I'm struck by the fact that both space and time are a priori concepts, known to us prior to any experience, CPR(A) Transcendental Aesthetic, S.7 p....
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