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Can something be both a type and a token?

I wonder, can something be both a type and a token (in reference to the type-token distinction in philosophy)? For example, an individual dog is a token of the type of dog, but the type of dog is ...
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What is the relationship between categorization and structuralism? [closed]

I have a couple questions: Does the act of categorization or classification always reflect a structuralist mind? Like wise, does the act of de-categorization (or re-categorization) reflect a post-...
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1 answer

Why is conjunction interposed with intersection instead of union?

My philosophical background going into set theory was heavily laden with Kantian and neo-Kantian elements, so one of my essential premises was read off the following passage from the first Critique [...
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Why can one abstract (prescind) space from color but not color from space? (from C. S. Peirce's article "On a New List of Categories")

In Peirce's paper New List why is possible to prescind (i.e. abstract) space from color but not color from space? Peirce mentions three types of abstraction, the relevant one being called Prescission (...
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Is an element being in multiple categories a valid classic category?

I was going through the categorization article in Wikipedia and happened to read this line: In the classical view, categories need to be clearly defined, mutually exclusive and collectively ...
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3 answers

If I delete and replace a character in a computer document, to what extent is it the same character?

This is a question partly about philosophical terminology and categorisation as well as existence. Suppose I type the random string "janwekxq" into a Word document. I then accidentally ...
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1 answer

Are there two types of scientific theories (one materialistic and one mathematical)?

Until recently, I was assured, for years, that there is only one way for a theory to be "scientific" (my definition): An hypothesis to solve a defined practical problem, which must be falsifiable;A ...
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How/when can categorization of things be correct?

How/when can categorization of things be correct? Meaning just "categorization" in general. It's intuitive that categorization is a "primitive" cognitive and linguistic phenomenon. Without ...
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4 answers

Why am I myself rather than someone else?

Why am I myself rather than someone else? I think I read something like this in an encyclopedia; that it's a question in philosophy. Not asking what makes me myself, my body, psychology, and ...