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Cicero about paragraph marks

I have looked on the Internet about books with no punctuation marks and found a post by Thomas Musselman at Quora: Punctuation is a post-3rd Century invention so when you read older texts you are ...
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Source of Cicero quote on good/evil?

Inability to tell good from evil is the greatest worry of man's life. This quote is often attributed to Cicero. Unfortunately, I'm struggling to find much on Google beyond various "inspirational ...
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Is there an online English translation of Cicero's Phaenomena Aratea?

I was wondering if there's an English/Italian translation of Cicero's Phaenomena Aratea (Prognosis?)? i.e. the translation that he did of Aratus' work. Thanks!
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When is happiness enough?

I think we'd agree happiness is not always the summum bonum. We can each, I think, imagine a very evil person who is happy in their evil, but is living badly. Perhaps likewise, a very good person, who ...
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Literature similar to Cicero's "On the Ideal Orator"?

I've been reading various speeches and works by Cicero, and while reading On the Ideal Orator, I was wondering whether any other philosophers (especially relatively contemporary ones) also wrote on ...
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What were Cicero's original contributions to philosophy?

While reading history of philosophy books, Cicero's name often comes up. However I remain unclear of what if any are his original contributions to the philosophy of that period. I know that he was an ...
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