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Simple question really: If pi is an irrational number, what does that say about circles and our measurements?

If we accept that pi is an irrational number and then we continue our discussion that pi is just described/accepted as the ratio of the circumference and diameter of the circle. My question now poses, ...
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Can Leibniz's law be used to define identity?

In the identity entry of the Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, section 2, first paragraph (, it says that it would be a circular definition. ...
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Is it circular to say the meaning of the name "Feynman" is "the famous physicist called 'Feynman'"?

Additionally, if you think it is circular, is it fully circular or just partially circular, and does that distinction even make sense? I feel like the notion of 'partially circular' is self ...
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Begging the question is a type of circular reasoning?

From wikipedia: Begging the question is a type of circular reasoning, and often occurs in an indirect way such that the fallacy's presence is hidden, or at least not easily apparent. Is that ...
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Are arguments that Reason is circular themselves circular and/or self refuting?

Are arguments that Reason is circular themselves circular and/or self refuting?. I am basically open to the idea of using Reason to show Reason doesn't work, but really only for specific cases - case ...
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How does culture add meaning to acts?

Suppose we take Thanksgiving in America, then on the day of it, eating a turkey is expected and seen as a highly meaningful activity. However, eating it the day after, or a week after or a month after,...
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Does all justification lead to infinite regress?

Is there any such thing as justification for believing in any statement X that doesn’t lead to infinite regress? For any statement X, it seems as if you can keep asking why you should or not believe ...
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4 answers

Past-Memory Loop

x = An event, an image (sensu latissimo) of which you have in yer mind. x is memory only if x is a past event x is a past event only if x is a memory The criterion for x being a memory (and not, ...
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Is circular reasoning always wrong?

I was wondering if circular reasoning is always a problem I was thinking about something like this if A then B, And If B then A. Premise. A is true Conclusion. B is true. All this shows is that B ...
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Can circular reasoning be logical, and can it provide support for the Bible?

Circular reasoning is a type of logical fallacy where the premise is used to prove the conclusion. A basis example would be: This historical movie is creditable. Why? Because it says so. In this ...
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How it's possible to describe something if description itself is action that changes universe?

This is some sort of paradox or a fallacy and I want to make sense of it. This is how I would formulate the problem. To describe Universe we need to take an action - to say the description, write it ...
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1 answer

Reliabilism, rule-circularity, and the "an inference rule is innocent until proven guilty"-principle

An argument is premise-circular if its conclusion is contained among the premises, and rule-circular if it endorses the reliability of the inference rule by which it was attained. A rule-circular ...
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