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Can anything be inherently great?

This post concerns St. Anselm's version of the ontological argument for the existence of God. Part of this argument concerns Anselm's definition of God, which is, in so many words, "that than ...
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Proof of the existence of God?

Here it is, the long-awaited proof for the existence of God (for your consideration). I have taken the liberty of defining discretely what God is, without which there is no question to be answered (...
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Is the answer to whether math is discovered or invented related to theism?

I'm not asking whether mathematics is discovered or invented, rather whether being theist implies/strengthens/related to the view that it is discovered, and vice versa. For example I came across an ...
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Does anyone distinguish linguistic univocity/analogy from metaphysical univocity/analogy?

Classical Theists (and other Realists) inherit Plato's Theory of Forms, and posit the existence of Forms such as Goodness, Truth, Beauty, Justice, and so on. Non-Christian Realists might say these ...
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Is realism an integral part of Classical Theism?

Classical Theism is one of the main forms of monotheism, and dominant in at least Christianity. It says that God has aseity and also is immanent, transcendent, simple, immutable, impassable, and ...
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What do you think about this argument against classical theism?

someone formulated this argument: Iff there's space, then God is omnipresent. Iff there's universe, then there's space. There was a state of affairs when there's no universe (There was a state of ...
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According to Classical Theists, is God limited by the laws of logic?

I was pondering this question while writing on whether or not God had the ability to create a best of all possible worlds. I hold that God is not limited by anything (a view among classical theists ...
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Is classical theism 'spiritually' equivalent to atheism?

Classical theists believe that God is simple, in the sense described by the doctrine of divine simplicity. God has no parts, has no distinct essences, God's essence is God's existence, God is pure ...
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How would Nietzsche argue against classical theism?

Completely out of curiosity, how would someone like Nietzsche, let's use him as an example, argue against Aquinas's metaphysical argument for classical theism. I can't seem to find any references in ...
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Argument for Classical Theism

I am an atheist. I would be interested in seeing what a metaphysical argument for theism would look like. I would also like a counter argument as well, so I can understand both the strengths and ...
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