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Asking a question in the "True Language"

Definition: the True Language is so named not because it satisfies the concept from antiquity of a language whose expressions were naturally isomorphic to their referents in some essentialistic way, ...
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Could ChatGPT etcetera undermine community by making statements less significant for us?

I was just reading a response to an Answer on this site, where the author of the Question said that the Answer sounded like a paste from ChatGPT. I re-read the Answer and couldn't really tell if that ...
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What do you call a "false corollary" or leap in logic?

If I make a provocative statement like: I recommend South American chocolate to professional chefs. Some readers infer what I currently think of as "false corollaries": Professional chefs ...
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Is this making a conspiracy theory?

I'm not sure where to ask this question. Please let me know if this is not the best place. This is not specific to a language, but rather a concept. Context: There is some news about some group of ...
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Non-traditional (individuals = graph edges) views on societies

In his book Large graphs and graph limits, mathematician and Abel prize winner László Lovász says on page 4: We can say that the whole universe is a single (really huge, possibly infinite) network, ...
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Is stoicism still relevant in modern world?

As the world with each day is becoming more hyperconnected and communication-centric, will being emotionally enduring and closed up self-destructive in the long-term? Is stoicism still relevant in the ...
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2 answers

How can language be objective, when it depends on subjectivities?

Language is a set of circular references. Not only french or english, but all languages. And not only spoken languages, but all languages, including programming languages and... mathematics (math is ...
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The paradox of comprehension

If it can be known it cannot be communicated. Seemingly Gorgias held an ability to be communicated as intrinsic to the reality of a concept. And why not? Since for a solipsist there would be no ...
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Who has used Poetry for Philosophy?

"Ineffable" is the word for that which can be touched by the mind but not the tongue. But in poetry images may be made that transcend the reality of mere language. This seems to me an excellent ...
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