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What does Rawls mean by a "day of reckoning"?

The quote (I don't remember where exactly in AToJ it is): But we must try to postpone the day of reckoning as long as possible, and try to arrange society so that it never comes. I think it was past ...
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How essential is the war against nature for Maoism?

Under Mao, the traditional Chinese ideal of 'harmony between heaven and humans' [and Marx's theory of “metabolic rift” in capitalism] was abrogated in favor of Mao's insistence that 'People Will ...
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What was the Bakunin/Marx argument and split about?

In 1868, Bakunin joined the International Workingmen's Association, leading the anarchist faction to rapidly grow in influence. The 1872 Hague Congress was dominated by a struggle between Bakunin and ...
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If history was not the history of class struggle, before Marx, was Marx wrong?

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. Can this be the case only after The Communist Manifesto? Could - in principle - Marx have changed "history" - ...
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Is Religion Necessary for Communism? [closed]

For example, Karl Marx wasn't anti religion, but he was irreligious, as such a fan of Communism I wondered how this is, as the ideas of communism fall in line with the teachings of Jesus. I'm just ...
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Can someone please help me understand this quote from the Manifesto?

" The bourgeoisie has disclosed how it came to pass that the brutal display of vigour in the Middle Ages , which Reactionists so much admire , found its fitting complement in the most slothful ...
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How labour is more concrete that it became essence of humanity according to Marx?

Marx considered labour as essence of humans that makes us different to other animals. But how is it more concrete than other things ? Isn't it labour situational, I mean something that forcefully to ...
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A different kind of ideology somewhat between capitalism and communism

I was wondering in the past couple of days about an idea, and I'd like to know your opinion on it. From a strictly moral point of view, the ideal communist society is pretty utopic. Equality, equal ...
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Productive Forces vs. Conditions of Bourgeois Property

In The Communist Manifesto, page 331 of the 2002/2014 Penguin Edition, Marx and Engels write; "The productive forces at the disposal of society no longer tend to further the development of the ...
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What exactly is the relation betweeen artworks and communism, for Adorno?

What exactly is the relation betweeen artworks and communism, for Adorno? I have read the beginning of Negative Dialectics, and some of Aesthetic Theory, as well as a analysis of the latter, and ...
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The Effects of Marx's Moral Character on Communism

I recently read Paul Johnson's "Intellectuals" which includes a scourging critique of Karl Marx and his work. Surprisingly, it focused on Marx's own personality along with his many vices, ...
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What is the difference between 'socialism' and 'communism'?

I frequently hear about these two different concepts. What is the fundamental difference between them? Is there any religion in this world which had ever tried to establish social equality before ? ...
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Dictatorship, communism or democracy

Could anyone highlight the main difference between these 3? Also, i remember reading about the concept of communism which is very beautiful, however i do not really understand why there has been no ...
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