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The problem of philosophy?

“The problem of philosophy is a linguistic problem, and every disagreement can be traced back to a difference in interpretation.” “No wonder we know that the deepest problems are not really problems ...
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9 answers

How similar are Taoism and Christianity?

The current Wikipedia article on Taoism contains a relatively prominent section devoted to arguments in favor of an alleged similarity between Taoism and Christianity. Some authors have dealt with ...
6 votes
3 answers

Is Confucianism a humanism?

To what extent Confucianism is a humanism, in the Western meaning of the term? I propose to tackle this question by framing it this way: what are the similarities and differences between Confucianism ...
6 votes
11 answers

Can empiricism be found in any Eastern Philosophy/philosopher?

I was wondering if any Eastern philosophies/philosophers have adopted points of view similar to those found in the Western view of empiricism, that is (italic in the original SEP entry linked too): ...
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3 answers

Is Spiritual aspect a part of Western Philosophy?

I am from India and hence, I am little aware of Western ways thinking with respect to Spiritual matters. I would like to clarify that the Spiritual that I am referring to is an individual practice, ...
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0 answers

Relationship of Kabbalah with western philosophy (similarities and major differences)

From what I have learned about Kabbalah it seems that wisdom is the main ingredient of Kabbalah studies, but, it is also the main ingredient (or at least, it should be) of western philosophy also. ...
7 votes
3 answers

Are there any ontological arguments outside the canon of Western philosophy/scholastic theology?

The question pretty much explains itself. I'm interested in instances of ontological arguments (arguments purporting to prove the existence of God/Gods/a God) outside the Western tradition and/or ...
1 vote
1 answer

History of creatio ex Nihilo

In the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, it is claimed that Before Philo there was no explicit theory of creation ex nihilo ever postulated in Jewish or Greek traditions. Is this correct? Were ...
3 votes
2 answers

Eastern Science and Western Science

I saw that some people trying to differentiate science into western and eastern. What are the criteria for parting them?
1 vote
3 answers

Do eastern and western views differ on questions like "feasibility of computational intelligence"?

Do eastern and western views differ on questions like "feasibility of computational intelligence"? Something I thought. I perceive that the western mind is deeply rooted to the existencies of logical ...
3 votes
5 answers

Philosophical Similarities For Chinese Confucianism and Daoism

I know there a lot more differences then similarities between Daoism and Confucianism. All I can find is that both have one goal and focus of self-improvement from being "individuals" by becoming a ...
9 votes
6 answers

Are there any Western philosophies that present views similar to the No-self view of Buddhism?

Can similarities be found in western philosophy with the eastern concept of self (no-self) in Buddhism? In Buddhism the no-self is called anatman. Buddha spoke about the emptiness of the form, in the ...