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Does capability design force a re-eximantion of anonymity?

Following up on this recent question and generalizing, let's consider capability-oriented design. In this framing, a capability is a communicable token of authority; possession of a capability is ...
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Is it fair that computer programs can be copied without additional work, while other tangibles cannot? [closed]

Is it fair that computer programs can be copied without additional work, while other tangibles cannot? Yet they are all sold in the same markets in exchange to the same currency?
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Is Avatar Sexuality Likely to Persist in the Event of a Digitalised 'Humanity'? [closed]

The biological sexual act is vital to current human experience; it is one of our most powerful motivators and vital to the perpetuation of the species. Humans do not require a present physical partner ...
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Moral issues in cyber technology [closed]

Is anyone of deontology or utilitarianism adequate to handle moral issues in cyber technology? Or do we need some other theory?
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Is it wrong to build addictive apps?

Modern social media apps are built and continuously optimized for engagement. The makers of these apps do their job so well that it gets people to spend time on the apps instead of spending it with ...
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Why do software developers frequently put all the burden onto the user? [closed]

I can't tell you how many times I've downloaded some software, expected to install it in seconds and be using it immediately, only to be harassed during the installation process to install all kinds ...
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Ethics Test Question [closed]

I'm a very selfish person, so these ethics questions are really hard for me to do. This one goes like so: You are making a computer system for your manager. You realize the system would hold ...
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Would it be immoral to enslave your own simulated mind?

The following story has been envisioned in White Christmas episode (part II) of Black Mirror television series (see the short clip): Matt greets the confused and terrified "Greta cookie" ...
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Should websites display our private information without asking us? [closed]

I mean our main chat environments, such as Facebook and Gmail. Displaying the fact that I have read the message at 4:20 pm, or making my status "available" without asking me. And also trying ...
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What are some good resources on the ring of Gyges and mass surveillance?

Plato in the Republic recounts a story about a magical artifact, the Ring of Gyges, in Book II of the Republic. It is a device to motivate an investigation into the collective aspect of morality. ...
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