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What is respect? [closed]

“Respect”, “respectful”, and “disrespectful” are concepts we regularly hear being used, yet it has not always been clear to me if there is any essential underlying characteristic conveyed by these ...
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Why is a non-computable function a coherent idea?

In English, the word "function" means "doing". Asking "what's its function?" is logically equivalent to asking "what does it do?". So a non-computable function ...
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How to apply the classical theory of concepts on the mathematical concept of a limit?

I am studying the limit concept from mathematics using the classical theory of concepts. According to this theory a concept is; "A structured mental representation which is characterised by a ...
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Understanding as conceptual

I am looking for references in the literature where people equate the process of understanding with conceptual activity. I will not be able to sketch it out exactly. My hunch is that there should be ...
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The square root of evil (the demi-forbidden = the suberogated?)

Pursuant to the general question of demi-operations in logic, I wondered today about demi-forbidding, √FR. So luckily enough, my question is simple enough: Via Fregean conceptual analysis, or ...
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Does logical pluralism imply conceptual pluralism?

By "conceptual pluralism," I mean something like, "Multiple conceptual analyses of the same concept are true." The example for the sake of which this question occurred to me is the ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Evolution of Logos [closed]

I asked this question in linguistics but I don't know if you have a better idea So this term has had a lot of impact religiously and philosophically, yet I still do not understand why logos as ...
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