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3 answers

'I can consent to be coerced at a later time' Is this a logical paradox?

The sentence seems to be a paradox. Defining coerce as persuading an unwilling person, while also having agreed to be persuaded would indicate you are not unwilling. Does this line of reasoning make ...
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How do we determine what freedoms people should have, and how does that process account for taboos, not just consent?

Why does consent matter, if taboo does not? Suppose more or less everyone agrees that incest or cannibalism is wrong, in what way is that thinner than the parties involved agreeing? Is it some kind of ...
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When does permission equal moral permissibility?

When does permission equal moral permissibility? I definitely feel there is a difference, but am struggling to verbalize it. In Nazi Germany, I may be legally permitted to execute Jewish people, but ...
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Harm Principle and the Trolley Case

My question concerns what someone following the Harm Principle does when confronted with a trolley-like situation: where causing a couple people to die would save many more lives. This specifically ...
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Is "genital autonomy" separable from "sexual autonomy"?

Definitions: "Genital autonomy": the right to decide what happens to one's genitals, even to the point of irreversibly altering them. "Sexual autonomy": the right to decide to ...
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4 answers

Does consent hold any meaning when there is influence at every corner?

After seeing some videos of Michael Foucault on Power, and also on Noham Chomsky, particularly on the Propoganda machine, on how the state manufactures the consent of public people, and, after hearing ...
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Why I cannot consent to be killed?

My friend and I had an argument about the subject. He argued that in some circumstances it should be legal to consent to be killed (e.g. if the dominant kills the submissive during the BDSM session ...
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Are choices that lead to harm if required by duty or executed with consent still ethical?

If people carried out actions which could potentially harm others, and others consented to the person carrying out the action, is carrying out such an action still ethical? If I were to judge this ...
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