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Can Schmidhuber's hypothesis reproduce all types of universes? And Wheeler's it from bit? Or Weizsäcker's ur-theory?

I found a paper that talked about paraconsistent logic systems ( and trivialist systems ( and the ...
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Does Tegmark's hypothesis include dynamical mathematical structures?

Tegmark's hypothesis is the idea that mathematical structures are physical and thus have physical existence ( Zuse's thesis says that ...
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Is a void where the laws of physics hold actually a void?

I don't have much background in Cosmology, but an argument I've heard is that the universe sprang into existence from the void via a quantum fluctuation. That is both spacetime & its matter/energy ...
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Can physical universes nontrivially embed themselves into themselves?

Sometimes our world is said to be a "Big Conjunctive Contingent Fact" or that other possible worlds are "recombinations" of available propositions for some actual world. So model-...
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Could deities/multiverses be the empty/trivial solutions to, "How and why does our universe exist in the way it does?"

Note: I am loosely following Nicholas Rescher (Axiogenesis) here, by qualifying "the existence of this world" as "the existence of this specific world," where, "Why is there ...
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Did Wheeler's "It from Bit" allow inconsistencies to exist?

Physicist John Wheeler proposed a model of the universe based on "It from Bit" asserting that the world is fundamentally information. I've been told both that Wheeler's It from Bit is compatible with ...
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Multiverse and the anthropic principle?

In this paper ( by physicist Andrei Linde, the multiverse concept, the anthropic principle, quantum cosmology and inflationary cosmology are discussed. In the ...
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Is the cosmological principle empircally compativle with the concept of relativity?

OK...before everyone blasts this with references to the relativistic invariance of the physical laws, time dilation, etc let me add some context. Also, I am an amateur with an interest in physics, so ...
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In cosmology, what do you call a visual representation of fundamental elements/forces in the universe?

I am interested in learning about various cosmological systems that come from various philosophies and religion throughout history. To understand what I really mean, here's a graphical example: I am ...
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Will we ever be able to find the universal cause?

The universe can be thought of as a (curved) spacetime with matter and energy inside it and with an internal energy. The last is not matter based and represents dark energy which can be seen as a ...
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Is it possible philosophically that the entire cosmic void with one or more universe/s inside it will stop exist eternally?

As a conscious agent who suddenly appeared in this cosmic void as a child to my parents and got a consistent memory since about the age of 3; With time I have learned of the question "why is there ...
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How strong are arguments realting to cosmology in problems of personal identity?

Cosmology, with fairly low confidence, predicts that the universe (or multiverse) is infinite in both time and space. While this does not directly follow, it is also predicted that every possible ...
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Is it there any direct relation between Tegmark's Mathematical Universe Hypothesis and the Holographic Principle?

I would like to ask you about Tegmark's Mathematical Universe Hypothesis and its relation to the holographic principle: Could we use the holographic principle as a framework to Tegmark's MUH? I mean, ...
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Is it there any model of the universe (considered by physicists) which would be the product of a simulation?

There are various philosophical theories that propose that the universe is the product of a simulation. But I was looking for theories that propose this and are also considered by physicists (not only ...
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