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How can we exist?

Positing that God exists and is perfect (by the fact that he is the moral authority and is thought of as absolute perfection according to the general consensus); a change that he makes would mean that ...
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What speaks against the "every creation has a creator" proof of god?

I'll preface this by saying that I am not at all with philosophy and I lack most basics. I've seen many people say that (1) every creation has creator and thus a god has to exist and (2) that there ...
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Are various concepts of divine creation based on more basic/simpler/integrated concepts, or are they indefinitely diverse?

For example, take these four notions: Creation by rearranging/ordering prime matter (AKA from preexisting substance). By emanation.𓆉 "From nothing." Modal "toggling": ...
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Does the notion of creation-from-nothingness presuppose the notion of existence-as-a-predicate?

Presupposition of the question. The question, "Does X exist?" is either trivial or empty. On the one hand, as Hume said one time, it seems as if in thinking of something, I always think of ...
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Why does the universe need an origin?

Buddhism sees the universe as uncreated, eternal. Even if the big bang were true, it could just be part an endless cycle of expansion and contraction. I'm looking for an argument against the universe ...
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Should believers in god(s), the creator(s), answer the question what created god(s)?

In explaining the presence of the universe, you can assume the laws of the universe brought it into existence, which leaves the question: how can these laws, and the stuff they describe, have brought ...
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A logical approach to the question of God

I am trying create a logical approach to the question of whether there's a creator or not, but I have a few questions. Before that though, I'll outline what I have currently: Something started ...
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Creationism vs simple math [closed]

Zero is an abstract In the mathematical sense. There can’t be zero apples if apples didn’t exist to begin with. So, in a sense the universe couldn’t of been created from zero without existing to begin ...
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Is the science community reluctant to consider the evidence to support some sort of higher intelligence? [closed]

Scientists can explain how life has developed to the stage we are at today, but they can’t explain why the process of evolution exists or what the spark was that brought life about at all. We are ...
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