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A bit of help refuting jiwoon hwang's pro mortalism

So today I stumbled upon this paper written by this person named jiwoon hwang. It's about why it is better to cease existing, he uses benatars assymatry to come to a pro mortalist conclusion but ...
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A possible counterargument for a theoretical argument in support of antinatalism

I have seen some of the common arguments for anti-natalism, one being David Benatar's asymmetry argument. I am worldbuilding for a science fiction story in which there are some technologically-...
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Counter arguments to benatar's assymatry argument's defence by Elias Muusavi

Elias Muusavi published a defence of benatar's assymatry (if you wish to read it) in it they said that the absence of pleasure is "not worse than the presence of ...
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Is Benatar's "asymmetry of pleasure and pain" wrong?

I’ve some doubts regarding the epistyle of David Benatar's thought, the “asymmetry of pleasure and pain”. In Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence he writes that: Both good ...
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Does antinatalism carry the seeds of its own destruction?

Antinatalists claim that it is immoral to procreate. For instance: David Benatar argues there is an asymmetry between pleasure and pain, which means it would be better for humans not to have ...
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Is Buddhism antinatalist?

I was listening to a discussion with David Benatar, and the point that Buddhism seems to be antinatalist was raised. It seems that people argue this both ways. Can Buddhism be said to be antinatalist? ...
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What does David Benatar intend to say, in his reply to Susan Neiman's rebuke of pessimism on social progress?

Source: Benatar, D. The Human Predicament (2017 1 edn). p. 206. Footnote 4 on p. 245.   Third, pessimism has sometimes been dismissed as a “macho” attitude. The idea is that the pessimist is saying,...
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