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Doesn't fallibilism complexify Pascal's wager further?

We can never know whether we have accumulated all the knowledge in the world or not. This is a general statement. For example, a powerful counterargument against the contingency argument might exist ...
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Allais' paradox

Theories of practical rationality have usually taken it for granted that given a choice, people will prefer a maximum of expected utility. The Allais' paradox states that there are many situations in ...
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Are there any well-grounded moral systems that can't be manipulated to justify whatever decision its acceptant wishes?

In §26 of A Theory of Justice (1999 ed.), Rawls writes: A problem of choice is well-defined only if the alternatives are suitably restricted by natural laws and other constraints, and those deciding ...
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The scale of decisions (Time and location) and chaos

Some ideas I am seeking thoughts on: When I place a glass on the bench, how much was decision? I [presumably] did not decide to place it with atomic accuracy. What are the bounds of accuracy ...
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reduced decision making capacity with equal consequences

If the law determines that a category of people does not have the decision-making capacity to engage in a specific activity (such as a minor carrying a gun) than does it make sense that those same ...
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Is a decision made before the rationalization?

Well, I was listening to a podcast in Spanish and a great scientist was saying that there are studies that are seeing that decision making is not as rational as we think it is. He says that the moment ...
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