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Daniel Dennett is an American Philosophy professor teaching at Tufts University in Medford Massachusetts. Dennett is a progressive within philosophy of mind, science, and biology with strength in Athiestic approaches to a materialistic metaphysical stance.

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Who, if anyone did say it, was the first to say that because no qualia exist it is meaningless to say what I call "red" could be what you call "blue"?

There's a famous question that asks whether two people who agree that they are seeing a red object might be seeing (in their respective subjective experiences) different colors. For example, one is ...
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Dennett's claims on Qualia (based upon Sweet Dreams)

Dennett claims qualia is a faux pas, a logical fallacy, held by the philosophical community, but this is based upon specific sources that remove some "qualities" of qualia. For instance, not all ...
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Scholarly retorts to "Quining Qualia"?

I've been reading and rereading Daniel Dennett's dismissal of qualia, and I have been wanting to see what some of the experts in the field think of his portrayal. For example, has Nagel, Hoffman, or ...
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Every experience is a new qualia? In reference to Dennett and RoboMary

Preliminary: RoboMary is a robot, but so are we - large robots made of smaller robots made of smaller robots. She does not yet have the experience of color. Dennett puts forth a physicalist way for ...
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