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Can the goals of an organism be imputed from observation?

For example: we observe an ant carrying food back to its nest. We may speak like the ant has a goal of increasing the amount of food in the nest. We observe a student proofreading an essay. We may ...
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What is the evolutionary function of desire? [closed]

I am not sure if this question is best suited for this stack exchange, but I couldn't think of a better one. Why do animals with brains desire things? What is the evolutionary function of desire? What ...
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Is it even possible to desire something we believe is impossible?

Is it even possible to desire something we believe is impossible? What does that mean, to have something that cannot exist as an intentional object of desire? Nevertheless, people often talk about ...
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Is desire closed under logical equivalence?

Suppose some person P desires a statement S to hold. Also, S is logically equivalent to S'. Does this mean that P desires S' also? Basically, is desire closed under logical equivalence?
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Need help understanding "you can do what you want but you can't want to want what you want" [closed]

Came across this article - Need some help decodifying it ?
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What's the difference between statements of wants and statements of should?

I am trying to find out what the relationship is between statements that involve the speakers wants, and statements that involve what the speaker thinks as should. Here is my example: Speaker: "...
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Are happiness and desire for more (or something) mutually exclusive? [closed]

I have heard a popular notion of happiness that — when you're happy you're satisfied/fulfilled with what you have. Are 'happiness' and 'desire for more' mutually exclusive?
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Are love and sexual attraction completely unrelated?

The philosophy of sexuality is a more recent development. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy says: Among the many topics explored by the philosophy of sexuality are procreation, contraception, ...
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What does this line from "A Happy Death" by Camus mean? [closed]

Here is a set of lines from the book 'A Happy Death ' by 'Albert Camus' : 'In the past, whenever Mersault had spent any time with one woman, he made the first gestures of commitment, he was conscious ...
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Even if one's preferences are flawless, what might we wish to be done, but think that they oughtn't be done?

Source: Benatar, David. Better Never to Have Been (2008 1 edn). p. 155 Middle. I don't understand the emboldened sentence beneath. What are some common real-life yens that fit and can instance the ...
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Theory that we do everything for our own benefit

Are there any popular theories or principles that answer this question: Do all actions proceed from a need to satisfy one's own personal discontent? In the future I want to study theoretical physics. ...
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How does desire lead to the supernatural?

I Don't understand the following statement (from Pierre Raymond's La Philosophie dans tous ses états): In french: Par le désir, les hommes seraient ouverts à une surnature, disproportionnée comme eux ...
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What is a Master-Signifier?

I am currently reading "The Fragile Absolute" by Slavoj Žižek. In chapter four he talks about the Master-Signifier. I am not very familiar with Lacan's concepts (I think it comes from him), so could ...
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Is the machinic ontology in Anti-Oedipus metaphysical or psychological?

I am beginning reading Anti-Oedipus and am trying to understand the synthesis of two notions D+G discuss in the first section on Desiring Machines: The quasi-metaphysical conception of everything as ...
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Are our desires driven by destiny?

Could there be a possibility that everyone has a destiny pre-written and their desires are just driven by that destiny? And the concept of free will is just a blindfold with limited options. No ...
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being free of desires [closed]

I'm not satisfied with the situation I'm in currently. I tend to watch senseless TV shows and do other senseless things such as gaming for hours (it's ok to me to game about an hour, but if it takes ...
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How to avoid attachment to "attachment avoidance" in Buddhist philosophy? [closed]

I started practicing Buddhism and so trying to avoid attachment to anything. This gives me benefits like a clear mind and calm spirit. But I think I'm starting to become attached to these benefits ...
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