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Dialectical materialism outside Marxism

Wikipedia page on dialectical materialism mentions that some evolutionary biologists used it in their inquiries. What are other examples of using dialectical materialism outside Marxism? By "outside ...
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Introduction to Hegel for a Marxist

What subset of Hegel should a person know to understand Marxist philosophy? In political alignment i'm a Marxist, and mostly subscribe to social and political positions of the kinds like Slavoj Žižek ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Question on learning type in Plato Cave Allegory

My question is based on the Cave of Plato. In this myth I see two types of learning. The first type of learning is the person that is released from the cave and climbs up to the light. The second ...
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How does Søren Kierkegaard use the word "dialectic" and how does his use of it differ from G.W.F. Hegel's?

According, to my understanding, the meaning of dialectic is... In Plato: a back-and-forth conversational style of reasoning from his later dialogues In the Middle Ages: the scholastic style of ...
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What does Hegel mean by "Quality"?

In the Science of Logic, Hegel initially presents quality as existent determinateness. He further distinguishes two modes of determining quality in accordance with the moments of existence: ...
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