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Pro Tanto Duties Meaning

I'm reading articles on the justification of moral duties to compensate. Many articles, including by V Tadros and S Steel, refer to pro tanto duties or wrongs. For instance, Tadros says: "Hiker's ...
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"I vow that this sentence 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 be true," vs., "I vow that this sentence 𝘴𝘩𝘢𝘭𝘭 be true"

To try to "explain" why the liar sentence is "logically dangerous" whereas the Gödel sentence is "logically helpful," I tried out contrasting the differing "effect&...
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Does the story of Madhavrao Peshva contradict the Gita

I would like to hear ideas on whether the story of Madhavrao Peshva (a brahmin-born who performed the duty of a warrior) contradicts the Gita's teaching that one should perform their own duty (and ...
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Why there is no suberogation function?

Going off the definition of logical validity that depends on true premises going to true conclusions, there is no imperative logic. However, it seems that some "imperative arguments" look ...
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5 answers

Do future selves have duties to the current self?

I think there are clear cases in which my future selves have rights against me (or I have duties to my future selves). For example, my future selves have the right to enjoy a healthy life and thus I ...
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How do the Officer's Oath and the Enlisted Oath interact

I've come across a military question which is so subtle that I think it has to be answered from a philosophical perspective, dealing with the meaning of "duty" and nuanced things like that. In many ...
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Happiness philosophies and dealing with other people's happiness

Is there a happiness philosophy that deals with philosophy toward preserving or increasing happiness of other people, not just how to be happy yourself? Main branch of philosophy I'm familiar with ...
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3 answers

Practical differences between a 'duty' and a 'rights' based ethical framework

In this SEP entry, the author states that African Ethics are ethics ... ... of Duty, Not of Rights [...] A morality of duty is one that requires each individual to demonstrate concern for the ...
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Within a duty based framework, are apologies contingent on the harmed party's acknowledgement of or contrition for wrongdoing?

During the debate on whether Obama should apologise for the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as some people making trolley problem style comments about how many would have been ...
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If you have won the trust of an illegal immigrant, is it ethical to turn him/her over to the authorities?

My question is NOT about the problems associated with secondary consequences of illegal immigration, such as unemployment of the native workforce. Nor is it about the causes of illegal immigration, ...
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How does Kant go from good will to duty?

In the opening of The Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals Kant starts talking about good will to build grounds for, in so far as I understand, the concept of acting from duty. Could someone ...
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1 answer

Conception of duty based on utility as opposed to specific actions

I'm curious as to whether there exists a deontological system of morality where duties can be satisfied by providing the person to whom a duty is owed with something else that provides them with an ...
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6 answers

If a lawyer that is representing a defendant finds that his client is guilty, how is he supposed to act?

If a lawyer that is representing a defendant finds that his client is guilty, how is he supposed to act? Can a lawyer lie or pretend he doesn't know something? Should or could he, morally, try to win ...
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4 answers

A contradiction in Kant's Universalizability Principle

I figured a contradiction in Kant's Universalizability principle, but I'm very surprised that it was so easy to prove that wrong, so I think that I might be wrong somewhere. Let us first begin with a ...
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What's the difference between a 'duty' and 'obligation'?

Background I enrolled in a class, The Philosophy of Human Rights. The authors of the course readings never use 'duty' and 'obligation' interchangeably, so I suspect that the terms may have distinct ...
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2 answers

Violation of everyday rights or "whose right to what did I violate today?"

The idea of rights seems to be strongly, if not inextricably, connected to the idea of duties. As far as I remember in philosophy of law this is referred to as "reciprocity". If I must do something, ...
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Is there a name for the philosophy of increasing happiness more than reducing it is the only moral good?

I recently answered this question on the ethical duty to help educate others, where I wrote: I feel like if a person increases "happiness" more in his life then he decreases the "...
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Which schools of ethics claim one has a duty to educate the uneducated?

Background: I am taking a philosophy of ethics class at a local college for the summer and my teacher brought up this prompt for discussion. The class discussion came down to the question if we have a ...
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How could maxims become universal laws? (What does Kant's Categorical Imperative mean?)

This states 'act only in accordance with that maxim through which you can at the same time will that it become a universal law'. How can I will a maxim to become a universal law, surely that kind of ...
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Does Nietzsche make distinctions between men and women regarding human duties?

If Nietzsche is writing about humans, is he really writing about men or doesn't he make the distinction? The way I came up with the question is complicated, but specifically I was thinking about the ...
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