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1 answer

How to rate philosophy essays?

I might end up teaching philosophy in Finnish lukio/gymnasium. I will not get an opportunity to practice teaching it - I do get to practice teaching mathematics a fair deal, though. (The situation is ...
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Why is chinese philosophy usually ignored in western philosophy courses?

Is it because western tradition ignores them? Or because they think it's not philosophy, but mysticism? Or because they are afraid of losing ground to a superior thinking? Ignorance, prejudice or ...
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2 answers

How to diminish the gaps in my knowledge about philosophy?

I have some formal training in philosophy, but I have lots of gaps in my knowledge. I mainly read what interests me, so the same gaps tend to remain - usually about things that doesn't draw my ...
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tips for future philosophy student

In September I will begin my first year in uni and because I have studied philosophy only in high school, do you have any tips / advice to give me? I have been thinking a lot about the different ...
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6 votes
4 answers

How important is studying higher mathematics for graduate study in philosophy?

I am planning to apply to phd programs in philosophy. I am majoring in philosophy but I also have the opportunity to complete a second major in math (I have a few more classes to go). I'd like to ...
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Does an education that teaches relativism alone result in students who can not make ethical decisions?

This is a followup to a previous question that suggests that skepticism leads inevitably to moral relativism. In this question, I'd like to look further down the slippery slope and think of the ...
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11 answers

Best way to start philosophy? [duplicate]

I'm a software engineer, have a passion for philosophy. But I have no background in human science, but I guess I'm good at logic. Can you provide a profound study path to philosophy? What are the best ...
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10 votes
5 answers

How to approach or consider racist philosophers?

I encountered the Wikipedia article on scientific racism, which attests to some famous philosophers' racism (eg Kant, Voltaire), whose works I`ll read about while self-learning philosophy. Their ...
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1 vote
2 answers

What does it take for someone to be recognized as a philosopher [closed]

So, the other day i was wondering, what does it take to become a recognized philosopher? Perhaps wisdom? Perhaps the ability to think? Perhaps I need academic education? I couldn't quite find an ...
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How to open a closed mind that refers to scientific, logical reasoning as conspiracy theorizing? [closed]

I know someone who swears that (his preferred) academics and the people at Popular Mechanics are more credible than "conspiracy theorists", which is to say anyone who says something he doesn't like. ...
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