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Questions tagged [enthymeme]

Recognized by Aristotle, an enthymeme is a rhetorical device that is related to argumentation insofar as it is a syllogism which includes unstated propositions or implicit premises. Modern usage has diverged somewhat in meaning and is sometimes used to mean any argument with implicit premises. In communication, both implication and implicature can shape meaning by providing contextualization.

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4 answers

Why isn't this an argument?

This argument was in Critical Thinking by Moore and Parker. I think God exists, because I was raised a Baptist. The book states that this wasn't an argument because it just stated a reason for why ...
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What is "Can't make X? Don't criticize it." fallacy called?

What is the name of the fallacy that attempts to invalidate a criticism of an instance of doing an activity because one providing the criticism is not very proficient in said activity (or not doing it ...
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