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Questions tagged [environmental-philosophy]

philosophical approaches to the non-human world or the environment of human beings

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Something that is defined to be what it is is not part of the natural world. True?

Numbers are defined as they are: 10 digits, a positional system, and all the arithmetic rules are defined to be what they are. Even in all of math, many things are just defined to be what they are, ...
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Where is the Ethics in Deep Ecology?

Norwegian philosopher and activist Arne Naess (1912–2009) is credited as a pioneer of the environmental movement and the first to coin the term "deep ecology." Distinguishing between deep ...
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How do people against speciesism see production chains?

I've been puzzled these days with the following (admittely rather theoretical) problem: to go against speciesism makes sense when you're trying to, say, make your point as vegan. But how do people ...
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What is the scope of Utilitarianism?

Utilitarianism can be used to explain all kinds of environmental protection measures quite well. For example, it can be used to justify why individual factories must clean their wastewater and not ...
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My CO2 emissions in the light of Russia burning thousands of tons of it a day

According to the news, Russia is burning off, or "flaring," about 4.34 million cubic meters of gas a day because it does not sell it to Europe. That's apparently an equivalent of 9,000 ...
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Do climate ethics exist beyond the earth?

We will be placing a manned base on the moon within the decade, if plans work out correctly. We already have a manned space station. We are making plans for a manned mission to Mars as well. The ...
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Has the concept of bodily integrity been discussed in the context of the human-nature relationship?

Human rights and many constitutions protect humans' bodily integrity. The concept is regularly linked to personal autonomy, freedom of movement and choice (Wikipedia). The idea that the origin and ...
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What philosophies are current ecologist trends based upon?

This [1] site (there are probably hundreds) lists several ecological-preservation-environmental french certifications. Looking at the contents of some of them, it would appear that they agree on ...
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Which fallacy is it to justify doing something because the effect of one's own actions is small?

I had a debate with a friend regarding his uprooting of interesting plants in a woodland. He argued that it's a big forest and he only took a few plants, so doesn't cause much damage. He also ...
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How much acceptable is the idea that humans dominate other species on earth?

When we say that humans dominate other species on earth, it looks like a one-sided story written by humans themselves. Because we don't have any understanding how animals or insects look at that ...
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Gaia and entelechy?

James Lovelock controversially proposed the Gaia hypothesis in the 1970s which outraged certain sensibilities because of its implicit teleology (I recall being outraged by it when I read about it ...
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6 answers

Kill the last of a species to save one child?

On 30 May 2016 a gorilla was killed after a small child fell into its enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. The type of gorilla was a Western Lowland Gorilla, which are endangered. Now, what if the ...
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2 votes
4 answers

What are some arguments for that humans are more important than animals?

Imagine a man has fallen into a tiger cage. The tiger specimen is in danger of extinction. You can: Kill the tiger and save the man. Do nothing and let the tiger kill the man. By killing the tiger, ...
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Is it ok to exterminate species if it is 'invasive'?

I have watched video on youtube where guy pours molten aluminium into fire ant colony to make casing. In the comments below there's huge discussion on is that a right thing to do. Main argument on ...
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How can we defend conservation on a species level?

Background Many conservation measures in environmental biology such as the IUCN red list or measures against invasive species are done on the level of species rather than on the level of individuals. ...
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Ethics of Genetically Modified Organisms

I had a conversation with old friend of mine regarding genetically modified food (specifically transgenic crops/animals), and their stance was that It's just wrong to put stuff from one animal/...
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Why should almost extinct animals be protected from going extinct?

The feeling that it's "sad" if a species dies out seems to be coming from an aesthetic point of view how the world should be. But is there a rationality behind it? The only rational reason I was ...
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