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Is philosophy male-dominated? If so, why?

"Philosophy is for posh white boys with trust funds". A report by the Equality Challenge Unit in 2015 showed that over 70% of employed philosophers in the UK are white men. Of course, other ...
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In philosophy, why are feminism and transsexuality so controversial? [closed]

Is it possible for feminism and transsexuality to be discussed philosophically? Is this hindered by the domination of philosophy by males?
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10 votes
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Is transgenderism a radical rejection of feminism?

A woman can be an engineer; a man can be a nurse. A woman can be aggressive; a man can let a woman take the lead. A little girl can play with toy trucks; a little boy can play with dolls; A woman can ...
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Is equality an a priori concept, or only determinable through empirical observation?

Let's say I invent a concept X in my own imaginings. The only property it has is X-ness; it is defined as 'that which is represented by X'. I have just defined that to be the case. It seems to me, now,...
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