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2 answers

Can the universe have had a beginning and have not had a beginning?

I don't know if this question belongs on the physics SE or here. It's a very simple question however it may have a complex answer, if at all. The apparent proposition in the question appears ...
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How does Ulrich Meyer treat of an "at eternity" operator in temporal logic?

Something called a "book of abstracts TELS 2022" includes a summary of one Ulrich Meyer's essay on a topic in temporal logic: The challenge is to explain how eternal objects would differ ...
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1 answer

How could we get over a seeming contradiction in first cause causality without jumping to anything impossible?

This post is showing a contradiction in the existence of a first cause, meaning maybe it's not possible for it to exist. You might not get this immediately so look at the second paragraph and read ...
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What would an explanation for an eternal thing look like?

Explanations usually involve the notion of time. When we have an explanation for why the earth is round, we think of a mechanism or process that caused the earth to be round. But this involves time ...
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