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the practice of ending a life unnaturally, usually (but not necessarily) to relieve pain and suffering.

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Does the focus on "humane" killing of animals distract from the real moral problem of killing?

"Humane" in respect to killing animals means to minimize the animal's pain as they die. But this seems to completely sidestep the moral issue with killing, which has nothing to do with the ...
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How should your treat your future self, ethically? [closed]

There are many situations in life where you preemptively decide on some course of action, but when you have to actually take that action you don't. A particular such situation is euthanasia - you ...
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Can Every Right Be Renounced?

I am currently reading about Euthanasia (I already asked a question in this context here) and in one article the author makes the following argument: [...] the right to life is one of the most ...
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Why do atheist euthanasia proponents consider nothingness preferable to suffering? [closed]

I have heard some atheists support euthanasia, on the grounds that death is preferable to agony. But I don't understand this; if there is no afterlife, death isn't a relief. It's true nothingness, the ...
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Freedom and euthanasia [closed]

A person is better off when free - if follow it to particular issue of individual freedom like euthanasia as Some of the developed country follow this principle ? What are the issues if we follow ...
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Why are euthanasia and suicide considered inhumane?

With animals, when they are in considerable pain or suffering from a terminal condition, it's typically considered humane to euthanize them as a way to minimize suffering. However, with humans, the ...
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Aristotle on Voluntary Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide

Aristotle greatly emphasizes the influence of the master, or he who possesses the greatest amount of practical wisdom. It is this master that we should turn to in order to determine the most virtuous ...
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Kant on Euthanasia

I know there are many permutations of questions pertaining to euthanasia, but in the interest of specificity, let's keep it to these two cases. How might Kant respond to: A) The claim that ...
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