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Benjamin Libet Free Will Experiment

I'm unable to understand this GIF of Benjamin Libet's free will experiment. Please look at the bottom left of the diagram and you'll see the numbers 1 followed by 2 and then by 3. What I think is ...
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What do experimental philosophers say about nihilism?

What do experimental philosophers say about nihilism? Has anyone studied the beliefs and judgments of nihilists, either self defined or just obviously so, in order to shed light on the problems of ...
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Will artificial intelligence lead to experimental philosophy?

Let us clarify some terms, so we do not turn our ankle in some linguistic rabbit-hole before we start. All experimental science used to be called 'Natural Philosophy'. Modern usage re-labels this as '...
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Is the existence of free will falsifiable?

Is the existence of free will falsifiable? A lot of people debate about free will, but it seems to me they do this by pure argument, not by scientific experimentation. Can some scientific experiment ...
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What are the formal semantics of the word "really"?

(This question involves semantics, epistemology, and empirical studies of speaker judgements - wasn't sure if I should post in philosophy or linguistics, hope this is an OK place for it.) I've been ...
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Can AI image generators be used as an aide to conceptual analysis?

Within the last few months, AI image generators such as craiyon (the one I've been using) have proliferated and then been used to generate all sorts of sometimes funny, sometimes compelling imagery. ...
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Testing Free Will

Could we ever come up with an experiment that is able to explain once and for all if free will exists or not? Another way to put it: given a universe and agents acting within it, is it possible for ...
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What is the distinction between "experimental philosophy" and Anthropology?

My first thought is simply 'time frame', but then Anthropology isn't exactly bound to the past... A second look makes me wonder if "experimental philosophy" is not simply some area of overlap between ...
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What is a hypothesis in this context?

Though I know what is a hypothesis, I'm not sure to fully really understand it and thus outlines the hypothesis in my context. I am abstracting my real problem in a common world problem. Suppose I ...
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Is experimental philosophy considered legitimate?

I recently heard a science podcast in which Josh Knobe was interviewed about experimental philosophy. It seemed like a pretty cool field. Is experimental philosophy considered legitimate by the ...
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Current research on experimental philosophy and the philosophy of technology?

X-Phi, the practice of performing philosophy based on experimental measures from the "real world" tends to concern itself with moral philosophy testing. As I'm finishing up my thesis on the philosophy ...
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