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In what sense is atheism scientific?

I have been reading a bit of Dawkins and the like and they all seem to hold a very strong viewpoint on atheism and its associated ideology. I have not found a direct citation for this but he ...
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On Atheists who are sympathetic to religion?

Most Atheists I have encountered fall into 2 categories: New Atheists: People who don't believe in God and see religion as an evil to be eradicated given the harm it has caused humanity (i.e. ...
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Can belief in science be considered a form of theism?

Based on the problem of induction, nobody can assert with absolute certainty that the laws of science (i.e. physics, chemistry, etc,...) will hold all the time, in every part of the universe. ...
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Why is faith seen as a sign of weakness, instead of an unexplored land/opportunity?

Hope this is the right place to put this question! I am a person of faith (more specific, a Christian) and most of the time people consider me somehow inferior for my belief. I am not antisocial, not ...
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Is theism necessarily 'faith-based'?

Reading this question recently posted, an assertion was made that theism and atheism are both "faith-based" positions. Ignoring the argument regarding atheism, I feel the initial premise deserves a ...
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Can we say that "I Think Therefore I Am" was never about "I", or thinking, or "I" doing the thinking?

Strictly speaking, "Cogito ergo sum" simply means: "The existence of your own mind can never be in doubt." Item 1) also describes our true knowledge in its entirety. Or we can ...
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How could one distinguish crankery from serious work?

Suppose I read a work, and I don't understand it or see its meaning, then it could be that either the information itself is inconsistent/non-sensical or I don't understand it personally. How do I know ...
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Is faith required to believe any axiomatic assumption the scientific method is built upon?

It's my understanding that the scientific method builds upon certain axiomatic assumptions, such as uniformitarianism and the principle of induction. Is faith required to believe these axiomatic ...
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Are all beliefs ultimately rooted in faith?

For the purpose of this question let 'belief' mean anything a person accepts to be true for whatever reason - in particular if someone 'knows' something they also 'believe' in it. I read this old ...
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The Scientific Method(s), Skepticism and Faith: What other methods have been proposed as a means by which to arrive at truth?

The contemporary Youtube universe (according to the algorithm directing my stream) seems to separate our search for truth (and/or the attempt to avoid falsity) into the contrasting 'methods'/means of ...
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