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A problem I noticed with if-then-ism in the philosophy of mathematics

In the philosophy of mathematics, if-then-ism is the view that mathematical assertions of existence, like the statement that there exist numbers which are their own squares, should, strictly speaking, ...
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If moral statements aren't supposed to be reports of objective facts, does the practice of "fallacy checking" apply to moral arguments?

Maybe this is just a case of Jörgensen’s dilemma, but so I was reading the SEP article about feminist perspectives on argumentation, more specifically this passage: The difficulty some philosophers ...
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Is imaginative resistance evidence against, or for, moral fictionalism?

There's an entry in the SEP called "Imaginative Resistance" which goes over an account of a problem with our ability to entertain moral counterfactuals: The phenomenon of “imaginative ...
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Is quasi-realism the inverse of quasi-fictionalism (or: would the concept of quasi-fictionalism make as much sense as that of quasi-realism)?

For reasons of partial linguistic symmetry, say "quasi-factualism" for "quasi-realism." Now, suppose that there is an initial truth-value multiset [T, T] and a truth-value set {T, ...
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How is synthetic knowledge produced in fictionalism?

With the Greek gods being fictional there is still objective knowledge - how many Greek female gods are there, etc. (Or if that's still too ambiguous, how many Greek gods are named Zeus). But "...
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