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Questions tagged [fitch]

Frederic Brenton Fitch (1908 – 1987) was an American logician who taught at Yale. He invented the Fitch-style for natural deduction. He is also famous for the paradox of knowability. The tag may also refer to natural deduction proof environments in Fitch-style calculus for giving and checking proofs.


prove: ∃x ∃y (Cube(x) ∧ Cube(y) ∧ x ≠ y ∧ ∀z (Cube(z) → (z = x ∨ z = y)))

I need a formal (Fitch) first order logic proof for: ∃x ∃y (P(x) ∧ P(y) ∧ x ≠ y ∧ ∀z (P(z) → (z = x ∨ z = y))) Given ∃x ∃y (P(x) ∧ P(y) ∧ x ≠ y) ∀x ∀y ∀z ((P(x) ∧ P(y) ∧ P(z)) → (x = y ∨ x = z ∨...