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2 answers

Can set elements be predicated of objects?

If we define a set as a cartesian product of properties, do you think that the cartesian product can be predicated of an object? For example if we define: Set of names of Captials N = { The name ...
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Axiomatic and formal establishment of Plato's dialectics

After years of studying Plato I have seen some attempts to formalize somehow Plato's dialectics. To be more precise, I have found writers who present Plato's dialectics (especially as it is presented ...
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What is the name of the internal relationship system of human experience?

In the course of his life, the subject receive an experience with which he differentiated and perceive the world. Therefore, we can say that there are categories inside its "term name". Here ...
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The relationship between logical systems and natural language semantics

Every student of philosophy knows that there are systems of logic and that those systems are analyzed in terms of logical properties like soundness, consistency, decidability, completeness, etc. These ...
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General sentence operators

There are lots of operators that act on sentences. Here are a few examples: P and Q not P forall x.P necessarily P eventually P x believes that that P it is obligatory that P etc. The first two ...
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What happens when you deny an axiom? [closed]

There is no proof that the axiom is true. There is no proof by “Proof by contradiction”. That means that even if you deny the axiom, there will be no contradiction. And if a contradiction is created ...
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