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What formal logical systems "resolve" the Liar Paradox?

Short version of my question. What formal logical systems can represent, and seem robust against, the Liar Paradox? N.B. I would like to avoid reference to truth-values, except inasmuch as they ...
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7 answers

How is free-will formally defined as distinct from determinism, randomness and determinism-randomness hybrid to support moral responsibility?

Usually free-will is assumed by most faith traditions as a prerequisite for moral responsiblity in order to justify eternal punishment. The argument goes as "you are truly responsible for your immoral ...
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19 votes
4 answers

Is Philosophy formalisable?

This is something that has irked me for quite some time, especially since I come from a mathematically oriented background. Can the field of Philosophy be formalised in the sense that Mathematics is ...
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3 answers

What's formal philosophy?

Some great logicians and mathematicians (e.g. Gödel) in the past have pointed (perhaps implicitly) to the possibility of formal philosophy (can be referred to as "exact philosophy" as well). I read it ...
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Descartes's *Cogito* from a modern, rigorous perspective

In Descartes's Meditations, in order to establish a firm foundation upon which he could build a framework to determine philosophical and material truths, he begins by removing all of his then-current ...