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Is the Münchhausen trilemma really a trilemma?

It claims there are three options of which none of them are satisfying. Circular argument doesn't prove anything because it's just when the premise is the same as the conclusion. x ∵ x Infinite ...
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How far can/should one press philosophical doubt?

Should we keep on questioning until nothing is left to question or is there a point on which we need to stand (which we often tend to do)? Descartes used 'I think' as this fixed point where the ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is Philosophy the source of all other fields of study?

[CONTEXT] I started a self-education plan to learn computer science from foundations. then, I found my self in need to learn electrical engineering, after that I understant that I should learn Physics ...
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Was Aquinas a foundationalist?

Foundationalism is, generally speaking, the belief that a group of undoubtable beliefs 'ground,' or 'justify' other beliefs. As of late, foundationalism has fallen out of favor in many different ...
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A "paradox" of foundationalism?

(Caveat: I use the word "paradox" here as in "Skolem's paradox," a quasi-contradictory (if you will) conjunction of facts, not an outright contradiction.) I actually can ask the ...
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A "paradox" of coherentism?

This is a follow-up to a question I had about foundationalism, which seems paradoxical inasmuch as it is a thesis that has been argued for (perhaps it is just the historical argumentation that is ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Is G.E. Moore's here-is-one-hand argument a bit naive?

Are G.E. Moore, etc., a bit naive at times? (see here-is-one-hand argument). Does such trivial thing really need "formalization"? Why isn't Moore accused of idealism, when he could be interpreted as ...
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What does it mean for something to “break” infinite regress?

When it comes to the cosmological argument, proponents point out that a first cause is needed to stop an infinite regress of causes. In epistemology, foundationalism is used to break the infinite ...
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