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How can frameworks build anything complex and permanent given the fallibility of memory?

Imagine you start your framework with some facts. Now, you then derive some statement. Can you hold the entire chain of inference in your mind simultaneously? If not, then that statement is dependent ...
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A question on First Philosophy

I have a question that stems from a passage from Section 5 paragraph 4 Philosophers have sometimes argued that one of these fields is “first ...
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Is there such a thing as foundations of philosophy?

In many subjects, like math and physics, there is also the foundations of that subjects, like foundations of math and foundations of physics, respectively. Is there also such a thing as the ...
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Did Hegel logically derive his philosophy?

Hegel claims to have logically derived his philosophy; replaced a quote that was out of context with this one << Hegel's Science of Logic, introduction §62 "In the Phenomenology of Mind I ...
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Is there a foundation of philosophy? [duplicate]

I'm asking about some advice on what to read on the following subjects: I think that, in order to be able to start thinking or talking about anything, some grand constructs are already present, the ...
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What are the philosophical implications of using inconsistent mathematics?

Why mathematicians would prefer at times to work with inconsistent systems (from which I assume everything can be proven unless changing the logic used)? In particular, how could working with an ...
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