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Understanding Freud

I have recently started studying Freud and have so far managed to read part of his Studies on Hysteria, as well as The Neuro-Psychoses of Defense. In reading his Interpretation of Dreams, I have had ...
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What does Lacan mean by signifiers presenting a subject for another signifier?

I was reading an article on Lacan's Signifier concept posted on I am very confused by this one sentence: Lacan defines a signifier as "that which represents a subject for another ...
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Freud and (German) idealism

The French wikipedia article on German romanticism mentions a very strong tie between Freud psychoanalysis and German romanticism. German romantism is also said to have strong link with German ...
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What is Anti-humanism?

I tried to do my own research on it but I'm not very much cleared about it. Please explain it to me in simple language. this term is being used by Post-structuralism and postmodernists.
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Subatomic particles and Freud’s subconscious entities

I am thinking about Freud’s id and super-ego and wondered about their scientific aspects. You might then say that although these entities cannot be observed and therefore don't exist in some sense, ...
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Did Freud adopt an intentionalist ( or representationalist) theory of mind.? ( On Wakefield's reading of Freud's theory of mind)

In Freud and Philosophy Of Mind, Jerome Wakefield wants to show that Freud's philosophy of mind is best understood in its Cartesian-Brentanian context. According to Brentano, mental acts are ...
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Is civilization really a good thing? [closed]

According to Bertrand Russell Change is one thing, progress is another. Change is scientific, progress is ethical; change is indubitable, whereas progress is a matter of controversy. Sigmund Freud ...
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Freud's tripartite linguistic play

Maria Walsh in her book Art and Psychoanalysis says: Uncanny sensations are triggered in the present by the creepy evocation of a past that the subject has repressed, a past that should have ...
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Did Freud really suggest translating the manifest into the latent to interpret it?

Is the bold section of the following text correct about Freud's hypothesis? Does it mean to use the manifest dream thoughts in order to find the meaning of the latent ones? According to Derrida, ...
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Is there a need to get oneself sufficiently familiar with Freud in order to understand Anti-Oedipus?

As in title. I'm relatively familiar with Deleuze’s early works on Nietzsche and Spinoza, but have not yet ventured in the D&G zone. From a secondary source I learned that Anti-Oedipus can be ...
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Why Freud and Nietzsche works are often compared?

I heard many times¹ Freud and Nietzsche named together, but I personally fail to understand a deep and detailed analogy between the two, beside the fact that both were revolutionary in their work, ...
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